If the name of this blog isn't clear enough an indicator, let me warn you. The author is an individual, at least as befuddled as you are... about everything... from her choice of job to the meaning of social responsibility. Nevertheless, She likes to have an opinion on topics ranging from Obama's suitability to 'Why Namita's boyfriend doesnt dump her'.

More often than not, she thinks she is depressed and needs a dose of dark chocolate or cheese (mostly with a fat base of pizza), but thanks to her small town upbringing, she doesnt think she is a part of the crowd. Somehow, she is more comfortable at the front benches rather than the rear ones. So she would like to speak out, converse, crib and more than anything else, listen to you. May be, we can together try and wipe the mist off the windscreen and the scenary could be ever so beautiful.

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