The Golden Triangle

India Gate... Rashtrapathi Bhavan...Taj Mahal... beautiful forts of Rajasthan... the amazing Dilwara temples... camel ride on the dunes... ride on the Delhi Metro

Just a few memories from that one amazing week of travel. We left Hyderabad on a 30 hr train journey to Delhi, there we got ourselves a car that would take us from Agra, the whole of Rajasthan and  back. After a days sightseeing in Delhi, we embarked on the amazing journey to see the 'wonder in marble'... it my first time that i saw the Taj... and it was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen in my life. After Agra we left for Jaipur,visited the many forts in Jaipur then off to Udaipur. Here we wasted some very precious hrs in Udaipur which cost us the so dearly that we missed the visit to the 'Lake Palace'. Leaving our biggest despair of the trip behind us, we set out to scale Mt Abu. It never occurred to me that we could expect something like a hill station in Rajasthan, but this was like an out of the world experience, a true oasis hundreds of meters above sea level. Dilwara temples was a feast to the eyes, too bad we couldn't take pictures but after the visit to Taj and to see the amazing works by the Jain monks in marble, it kinda did overshadow the sights of Taj Mahal but, you know that it's something you can't compare. One is a monument of love in marble while the other is a piece of art in Marble. After the oasis in the Rajasthan, we set off to Jaisalemer for  some 'desert storm' action. The brightest memory that we all had for that trip would have to be the camel ride. Boy it was fun, well maybe for that day, cos it wasn't that great news the next day, we did have some problems with free movement of the leg and a sore back. After a near 24 hr ride from Jaisalmer to Delhi, I took the longest train ride in the Delhi Metro, was  a total foreign experience in Metro, was so well maintained and amazing

More pictures here.