Get Off Your Asses - I

Wine tasting trip... Wine what???
What do you mean it's not Pune?... Dude this bus doesn't go to Pune... Welcome to Siridi

The entire 'Chappi Team' (minus Aman and Ragz), set out for a wine tasting trip to Nasik. Sula vineyards had this amazing wine tasting trip, it was a tour through the entire wineyard and their wine processing plant. There was a slight drizzle all the while, since it was an off season, there was not much of the vineyard to see, but they took us through their wine processing plant. After the tour we took the wine tasting session, where we got to taste the different variety of wines. It was worth the entire trip. If you thought this was all, well there was more in store for the wine tasters, we boarded our Omni van and drove to Bhandardara. On the way we had a super duper traditional Maharashtra  cuisine for lunch. The sights that we saw on the way was not damped by the slight drizzle that accompanied us all the way till the last day of the trip, Beautiful sceneries all the way to Bhandardara we reached there by night fall, the whole place was pretty dark, so we had to wait the next morning to see the beautiful pack of 'paahaads' that surrounded us. Had fun game of 'dumb charades to end the day. Next day saw us trekking the small paahaads (kindly note this was Dinesh's second trek of the morning). It was drizzling all the while, when stomachs started to growl 'I'm hungry' we made it down, wet  and dirty. After a bath we had breakfast and made our way to a waterfall near by. On the way we stopped by some cool spill ways and the dam, beautiful sceneries surrounded us all the while. A game of Anthakshari on the way, after the waterfalls we headed back to Siridi. It was a really memorable trip, we all promised that we'll have another trip every year, no matter where ever we are in India. With that promise we ended the GOYA trip. Looking forward for the next....